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 Oriental medicine?


In today’s world, when the Hungarian health care, has a lot of problems, when there are errors in the approach, we need to turn towards a new source with thousands of years experience.


The oriental medicine doesn’t think in diagnosis, it rather sees the patient and the disease as a process in whole, and has a wide scale of therapies. The treatments are individually made to fit the patient.

In the early stages of the disease, the most common treatment is changing of lifestyle and diet.

In the next stages comes detoxification, cleansing of the body, the extraction of harmful agents.

In European medicine, diagnose is made in the later stages of the disease, while the Oriental medicine already uses herbs as medicine. They play a significant part in later stages of diseases. Due to the synergic effect they interject on more levels, but that’s why they are not prompt effect life-saving medicines.

The oriental doctor uses a multi-dimensional approach, they deal with spiritual reasons, quality of the metabolism and symptoms of the disease.

So which disease to come to us with? It’s hard to tell, since there are no disease for which we couldn’t make success for by ourselves or together with the European medicine.



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